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University Linguistics Departments
Chulalongkorn University:.CU Linguistics Department
Mahidol University:.MU Linguistics Department
Payap University:.PYU Linguistics Department
Thammasat University:.TU Linguistics Department
La Trobe University:.La Trobe Linguistics Department

Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area Journal: See the LTBA Journal. This journal focuses on Tibeto-Burman languages. James Matisoff is the Editor. Published from the University of California at Berkeley.
Ethnologue: Visit the Ethnologue site. The Ethnologue publication catalogues all known languages of the world.
Pacific Linguistics: Check for linguistic publications on Southeast Asian Languages. Pacific Linguistics

David Thomas Library: Visit the on-line catalog. Located in Bangkok, the David Thomas Library specializes in minority languages of Southeast Asia. It has a large collection of texts, conference proceedings, and unpublished linguistic data.
SIL International: Check for publications, linguistic computing software, and other resources. SIL International.
Online Ordering: Bookstore Online