Monograph Series

The MKS Journal publishes occasional monographs on Southeast Asian languages. The current monographs are:

2. Suwilai Premsrirat. 2002. The Thesaurus and Dictionary Series of Khmu Dialects in Southeast Asia (5 Volume Series). Volume Editors: David Thomas and Robert S. Bauer. Mon-Khmer Studies & Mahidol University, Special Publications. Bangkok, Thailand.
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  • Volume 1 -- Thesaurus of Khmu Dialects in Southeast Asia.
  • Volume 2 -- Dictionary of Khmu in China.
  • Volume 3 -- Dictionary of Khmu in Laos. 
  • Volume 4 -- Dictionary of Khmu in Vietnam. 
  • Volume 5 -- Dictionary of Khmu in Thailand. 

1. Smith, Kenneth. 2000. Sedang Dictionary. SIL: Dallas, Texas.
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