Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Editorial Address
Research Institute for Languages and Culture of Asia
Mahidol University at Salaya, Nakhorn Pathom 73170, THAILAND
Tel: (662) 800-2324 / Fax: (662) 800-2332

E-mail: MKS Editorial Office

PROCESS: Articles may be submitted by e-mail at any time, and will be added to the current year's volume, and made available online, as they complete the review and revision process.

Please follow MKS style practices used in this sample article: MKSTemplate.doc   See style sheet details and/or this brief video.

GUIDELINES: Publication ensures that your work is recognized, disseminated, and preserved.  As the journal of record for Austroasiatic linguistics, we seek papers that will be read and cited for decades.  Mon-Khmer Studies provides three paths for prospective authors:

  • Research Papers are expected to have a strong theoretical or analytical orientation:  to advance the state of the art of Austroasiatic linguistics, and/or related scientific areas.  All research submissions are subject to anonymous peer review by editorial or advisory baord members, as well as outside specialists. If provisionally accepted, papers may have to be substantially revised to meet publication standards. 
  • Data Papers archive and provide citable references for data, test results, recordings, instrument measurements, and the like; including all materials that have (or may, one day) underly research publication.  They are subject to internal review and quality assessment by the editorial board, but need not address theoretical or analytical issues. 
  • Notes and Reviews are always welcome, and may include conference reports, book and software reviews, and other commentary of interest to the field.
The MKS Journal is strongly committed to providing publishing opportunities (with extra editorial assistance as needed) for early-career linguists who live and work in the region. 

CONTENT: MKS Journal article publication priorities are:

  • Linguistics 1: Austroasiatic languages, including Mon-Khmer and Munda.
  • Linguistics 2: Minority languages of greater Southeast Asia.
  • Related areas that advance priorities 1 and 2.

A. There are no length restrictions, or limitations on color graphics.

B. The Editorial Board will send a submitted paper for review by members of the Editorial Board and/or by the Consulting Editors.

C. Following the review process the contributor will be informed of the results of the review.

D. Accepted papers will be edited for both content and format by at least two members of the Editorial Board.